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Fucare Electric Bike,Gemini/Gemini X Dual Battery 20.8AH(30AH)...

1,499.00 $

Brand: Fucare

Color: Graphite Grey


  • 【GEMINI UPGRADE CONFIGURATION】1. Upgrade to all-terrain tires, more durable than the previous tires, suitable for a variety of complex terrain. 2. Upgrade the battery to 30AH, electric mode range of 45-65 miles, auxiliary mode range of 70-120 miles
  • 【SERVICE AND GUARANTEE】Fast delivery and short delivery time. Please feel free to buy this Electric Bike, we provide lifetime technical support. The motor, battery and charger and other accessories have warranty and free replacement service, you can use it with confidence. If there are any problems, tell us, we have professional engineers to solve your problems. The assembly service on this page is provided and charged by a third party.
  • 【30 DAYS PRICE GUARANTEE AND RETURN POLICY】If we reduce the price of the electric bike within one month of your purchase, you can contact us and we will refund the difference. Electric bikes have quality problems within 30 days, we have professional engineers to solve them for you, also you can enjoy free return, we provide return label and full refund.
  • 【PERFECT FRAME】This is the unique design of Fucare brand, this electric bike can carry a maximum weight of 400 pounds, the material of the frame is high-strength aluminum alloy, four main tubes are deformed by high temperature to form the whole frame, which has multiple triangular structures, which substantially improves the strength of the frame and the overall weight-bearing capacity of the bike.
  • 【BATTERY*2 AND 750W MOTOR】This is the unique design of Fucare brand, which gives the adult electric bike a strong power and range, and can ride 60-80 miles in full electric mode. Assist mode can ride 100-120 miles. Strong climbing ability. You can enjoy crossing the street and riding uphill effortlessly. (Climbing angle: 30°.)
  • 【CRUISE CONTROL MODE】 You don’t have to keep turning the throttle, even if you let go of the throttle, the e-bike will still run in pure electric mode. ON: Press and hold “+” until the cruise mode symbol appears on the meter, then press the throttle and release to achieve this function. OFF: This mode will turn off as soon as you apply the brake. Very simple and practical, allowing you to drive very easily.
  • 【MORE COMFORTABLE AND SAFE】[1]. Dual hydraulic disc brakes provide better braking than mechanical disc brakes. [2]. Front hydraulic suspension forks also provide better adaptability on bumpy roads. [3].4.0” all-terrain fat tires for city roads, mountain roads, snow and other road conditions. [4]. F/R lights and multi-directional reflectors make you more visible on the ride. (especially at night)
  • 【VACUUM AND LEATHER SEAT】This is a unique design of Fucare brand, the seat is made of real leather material and has air cushion inside the seat. When you sit on the ride, you will feel very comfortable, long rides will not make your butt feel uncomfortable.
  • 【OPTIONAL UPGRADES/OPTIONAL FEATURE EXPANSION】1. Gemini style exclusive design metal front and rear basket three pieces set. Easy to install with screws. 2. Both dual batteries all support upgrades to 15Ah battery. (Expanded accessories can be purchased separately as needed)
  • 【INCLUDED ACCESSORIES】1* Fat tire electric bike, 2* Battery, 2* Charger, 1* Rear rack, 1* Front and rear fenders , 4*Key, 1*Instruction Manual,1* Tool kit, 1* Lock

Package Dimensions: 330x1473x43998

UPC: 766217409974


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